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Guilty About Firing YOUR Employee?

Today, we’re going to address another role that as entrepreneurs we do have to play, we also have to punish the guilty or in an entrepreneurial sense – dismiss the incompetent. But ever so often I have entrepreneurs telling me how GUILTY they feel about firing an employee.


Entrepreneurs, I understand – firing someone can NEVER be easy. It’s an eerie feeling, the one similar to breaking up with someone. It’s awkward, uncomfortable and painful, I know! After all, it’s someone’s livelihood that you’re robbing them off (at least temporarily). If you’re in a situation like this, it’s best to ask yourself that as an entrepreneur-

Is it a matter of his Competence or Commitment?
Have YOU mentored him enough?
Have YOU given him enough chances to learn, grow, progress?
Has he been repeatedly failing in fulfilling his goals?
Has his performance (or lack of) has been affecting the overall performance & morale of the team?
If you feel as an entrepreneur or a manager that you have mentored the employee enough and have given them a pathway to progress but there are no results, then you need to ask yourself another question:

If not targets, has the employee shown PROGRESS?
Are they showing some sort of Movement? Motivation?
Are they reciprocating the effort that YOU are putting in?

And if the answer to all of this is NO – you need to let them go. Still here? If you’re looking for immediate answers to your pressing business problems, just leave me your question in the comments below.

You can get detail information about this topic here Guilty About Firing YOUR Employee?

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