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spring is to plant some herbs on the windowsill

Luxuriously decorated windows and spacious sinks are the dream of every decorator, but to be honest. Sometimes we have no choice but to use existing resources. When the makeover is beyond your budget, upgrade your dull window coverings to make your windows and kitchen look bigger. No matter how small, narrow or oddly shaped your kitchen window is, your ideal design is easy to achieve. Your window should always remain functional and efficient while still bragging about elegance. Do this by trying one of my favorite small kitchen window treatments.
Small and cumbersome windows are difficult to decorate, but at Blindsgalore, custom window handling is our specialty.
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The curtains consist of hanging fabric covering only the top of the windows. Thanks to their location, the curtains make your windows feel complete without sacrificing natural light, making our small room look bigger. Worried about being snooped? Just add a filter roller hood below and still increase the light through the kitchen window while increasing privacy.
Cafe curtains
Maximizing natural light can be achieved by using the simplest window treatments, such as curtains in cafes. These curtains are hung on a pole, covering only half of the windows, which is very unsightly. Cafe curtains allow light from top to bottom, while adding coordinated colors or exciting patterns at the bottom, adding an elegant design element.
Roller shadow
Roller shutters are a great little kitchen window made of a piece of fabric attached to a spring roller. Easy to clean up after any leaks or explosions (Hey-this happened to the best of us), they are also flexible to roll up, leaving your little window wide open. Want to make your kitchen and windows look bigger? Choose a roller shade in opaque material that allows filtering and rolling up with zero volume when painting.
Roman blinds
Classic Roman tones are made from custom fabrics and look great on any window-especially in the kitchen. Roman tones soften the edges and corners of the small window and draw your attention to the ceiling. Who says small windows must be boring? Reliably, this look can be animated with interesting patterns or textures.
Weave wood color
Woven wood curtains are a favorite for small areas because they can be installed directly above the frame, instantly making your windows appear taller. No other window treatment adds texture, warmth, and touch to the natural colors of woven wood shades. Customize the window for you, choose bamboo curtains to avoid any warping if your window is near a hot oven or messy sink.
Home is the most comfortable place in the world. There is no one place that holds all the treasures, the most precious memories, or the people you love. No matter your home is big or small and where your heart is, you have the right to live in the most comfortable place you can imagine.
Spring is finally here, and a lightness and light prevailed over our 'Spring Fever'. After experiencing such a painful, windy winter this year, the seasons are changing too fast. When the chill dissipates, the green shoots start to sprout, open the windows, and make your space look fresh and welcome this spring.
Transparent colored curtains are a great way to bring color while maintaining a light and airy feel.
Traditional white shutters blend into the building's architecture.
Bright, boldly patterned curtain panels bring a lively atmosphere, awakening your home from the dullness of winter.
The transitional woven wood color, while perfectly matching with a variety of wooden furniture or wooden floors, also pays tribute to the natural environment emerging outdoors.
A simple white roller blind or white Roman blind brings sunlight and visual calm to the windows and surrounding area-the perfect application to admire the beauty outside.
In addition to updating your window treatments, there are other quick and vivid efforts you can make at home or in the office to make your room more comfortable in the new season.
Replace your pillow with a bright and bold floral pattern. The colorful and ambiguous new pillows can easily bring joy, and when the day becomes darker and shorter again, you can change it back.
Bringing some flowers home from the farmer's market every week, your agricultural product budget is a bit less, but every penny spent is worth it. Flowers in the garden will only make you feel good, it's that simple.
Another trick to embrace spring is to plant some herbs on the windowsill. Grow basil, so you have enough time to make Capri salad with summer heirloom tomatoes! Use fresh mint for refreshing mojito, or Italian parsley for signature home-made pasta salad, listen Not so bad.
In spring, open the window and breathe the fresh air!
Our windows need to be covered. Without shutters or blinds, we would have to deal with too many annoying external factors that interfere with the comfort of our home. I know, personally, the next time I fly around in the living room, I would rather not have to face the blank eyes of my neighbor. Window processing helped create this barrier to personal space and gave me the ability to dial perfectly at the level of privacy I wanted.
However, standing up and changing the position of my sunglasses every once in a while can be tedious. What happens when the window processing itself used to shield troubles becomes a slight inconvenience? Motorization occurs. Electric shutters are a magical window treatment that gives you complete control over the curtains in your home. MDF crown molding

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